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Posted on | November 14, 2017 | Comments Off on NEW FENCE & CHRISTMAS BREAK

Hello All
Just updating you on what is happening at the shop over the next month. As you probably are aware, we have had to erect a fence which is now closed from 12 noon Saturday until 7.30 on Monday each weekend. We were forced to do this as we had constant issues with stealing of donated goods over the weekend period and we also had people continually dumping their rubbish here instead of going to the dump. Some people even left damaged furniture out in the open driveway and when it rained the items became so heavy, it was virtually impossible for us to take it to the dump as we couldn’t get it into the truck. All of these issues were costing us not only time but money, we cannot go to the Ningi Tip as businesses are not allowed, so our drivers had to go to Caboolture which is very time consuming. We also had to increased our big green bins from 1 to 3 resulting in extra expensive costs to us. Therefore, the decision was made to close the driveway over the weekends.

We will continue to have a free pick up service so if you have furniture or other items that you can’t bring along Monday – Friday please call us on 3408 1014 to arrange a pick up.

We will be closing over the Christmas – New Year Period. Our doors will close at 12 on Saturday 23rd December and we will re-open at 8.30 Tuesday 2nd January 2018. During this time the gates will remain locked, so if you have an items to donate please arrange to have them here, either by delivering them yourself or with our pick up service by Saturday morning 23rd December. WE SINCERELY THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION IN THIS MATTER.

Currently we are having constant sales, we have many books on the shelves $5 a bag and plenty of furniture on the floor, as these items increase we have a 50% off sale. We also have plenty of summer clothes available and we are constantly putting out Christmas Decorations. I noticed this morning that there is plenty of gym equipment available as well, so please come along and check out the bargains.



Busy Fingers Fundraising Inc is a not for profit charity established to support the local community.

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