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Posted on | March 2, 2015 | Comments Off on SALES

With the upcoming construction of the extension to the building, we will be having many sales over the next month to rotate stock and be able to make available stock in storage. There will be notices at the shop front advising the sales of the day, so please come and check out the bargains.

During construction the end of the current building will have to be closed off, so furniture usually displayed out back will be available in the POD’s at the front of the building, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. The car park will also be short a couple of car parking spots, so you may have to park  in the car park next door between the Kindy and the shop, there are 9 spots available there.

After hours donations will also be affected, please use the white bins as much as possible and shortly we will announce where larger items will have to be placed.  IF POSSIBLE please try and arrange to drop off larger items during opening hours or ring Sonia 3408 1014 to arrange for a free pick up.

We certainly hope the construction period will be as short as possible and that we will soon have a larger shop and a bigger car park.

We thank all our customers and neighbours for their patience over this period. We will announce the date of the commencement of construction as soon as it is finalised.



Posted on | December 18, 2014 | Comments Off on MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR

Just a reminder that the shop will be closing midday 24th December and reopening on Monday 5th January 2015.

Last month I listed some of the many items we have been able to donate to the many worthy associations on the island thanks to the generosity of the island residents for which we say THANK YOU.

Recently we have also been able to donate a new electronic sign for the BI Primary School ,  renovate the bathrooms for the Girl Guides and also purchase much needed equipment to our friends at SES.

The Volunteers and Staff have worked so hard to achieve these goals and we are so happy we are able to do this.

In the New Year please come and check out the many sales we anticipate having,  once we have a construction commencement date.  Many bargains will be available.

Thank You once again.

Have a Joyous Festive Season with your family and Friends.  Keep Safe.




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BUSY FINGERS committee, staff & volunteers are quite excited today, as we now have permission to extend the shop, giving us much more floor space to display all our furniture instead of storing it in containers. The shop will be even cooler with the installation of more extractor fans enhancing the open plan with a centrally located front door. We will have 3 change rooms making it easier to try on the clothes you wish to purchase and the electrical testing area will be facing into the shop in case anyone has questions about appliances. Les Struthers, our wonderful architect, is in the process of liaising with the engineer and arranging tenders with local builders, hopefully, we will be ready to proceed early in the New Year. Once building commences, we will be asking our loyal customers for their patience and this will be rewarded by ongoing sales throughout the construction period.


The shop is very busy at the present time with Christmas fast approaching, we have the Christmas decorations unpacked and ready for sale and they are selling fast. Books are still $5 a bag and over the coming 4 weeks we will have ongoing sales to thank you for your loyalty, so please come and get your bargain. Karen who usually places old and unusual items on eBay will be placing all her stock into the shop over the next few weeks so come along, you may find something you have long been searching for.


I have listed some of the donations we have been able to give to the island community over the last 11 months.


AFL Juniors                              Table Tennis Sets

Ambulance                              Fitness Equipment

BI Retirement Village             Cleaning Equipment, Medical Aids & Equipment, Monthly Entertainment Allowance & Mobile Projector.

BI State School                        Numeracy & Literacy Resource Books, Cheerleaders Fees for the Qld Finals. Hardware Account for Woodwork Project.

                                                   Polo Shirts for the many volunteers to make them more recognisable to new students.

B Beach School                       Upgrade Software Fees.

BI High School                         Touch Screen Cash Register

BIKES                                         Donation

BI Indoor Bowls Club              Club Shirts

BI Mixed Social Darts             Club Shirts

BI Kindy                                   T- shirts, Musical Instruments, 2 iPads

B. Beach Kindy                        2 Shade Umbrellas

BI Boy Scouts                           Flooring

BI Girls Guides                        5 Bunks, Curtains and Paint

BI Golf Club                             10 Sets Junior Clubs and also Training Aids

BI Police                                  Quad Bike for the National Park Emergencies.

Diabetes Support                    15 places at the Children’s Camp

SES                                           20 Lockers and a Filing Cabinet

Surf Life Saving Club               9 Digital Hand-Held Radios

Tigers Soccer Club                  Laptop

Toc H                                       Interior Painting and Hall painting, HWS & Verandah Blinds

TS Koopa                                 New Blinds

Maritime Safety Military Cadets        T-shirts and Uniforms & 2 Laser Boats.

Also, we also have a long standing commitment to the Bribie Moreton Hospice, with funding

the Palliative Care Unit and also the VMR with Fuel costs.


Busy Fingers Fundraisers Inc has only been able to support the Bribie Island Community over the past 23 years through the generosity and loyalty of our many residents.


We had a humble beginning, inaugurated on the 31st March 1981, the Busy Fingers group were literally, a group of dedicated people, mainly women using their fingers in knitting, crocheting, making jams, cakes and even plastic robots in their efforts to raise money, for the newly planned Sir Charles Adermann Nursing Home at the Church of Christ Retirement Village on Bribie Island. The name “Busy Fingers” came about due to a comment of a bystander who noted how fast the ladies were knitting.


We still have plenty of work to do over the next 23 years and once we have a bigger shop, we will hopefully, be able to support even more community groups on our beautiful island.


At this point, I would like to sincerely thank our wonderful staff and committee and also the best volunteers an association could have, without them it would be very difficult to achieve as much as we do. Lastly I would like to thank all of you for the continued support you have given us either by donating your preloved goods or by coming to purchase these goods in our shop.


Busy Fingers will be closing early on 24th December for 11 days and reopening on Monday 5th December. We hope you have a very safe Festive Season and the children have a great summer holiday without driving mum, dad and the grandparents mad in the process.


Merry Christmas and a Very Safe and Happy New Year to all.


Hope to see you again in 2015


Best wishes





Posted on | June 18, 2014 | Comments Off on VOLUNTEERS

Once again we are in short supply of Volunteers.  If you have any spare time on your hands and you wish to make friends while helping your Island community please contact Sonia on 3408 1014, she would really appreciate a call. We are also listed as an approved volunteer organisation with Centrelink, so if you are required to do volunteer work come along and discuss it with Sonia.

We are like a family and enjoy working together to raise funds for the benefit of the island residents, from the young (kindergartens) to the aged (Retirement Village).  ALL FUNDS REMAIN ON THE ISLAND.

We have volunteer incentives and enjoy an annual Christmas party which includes an invitation to your spouse/partner. So if you have some spare time please give us a call.








Posted on | April 26, 2014 | Comments Off on STEALING

We have had a lot of thefts over the last month, which is really devastating, because if these offenders steal from Busy’s they are virtually stealing from their own community. We have a beautiful community full of happy and helpful souls and it is a shame that we have a few bad apples on our beautiful island.  The committee has agreed that in future any offenders caught on camera will be reported to the police for prosecution, with no exceptions. We have increased our surveillance and security measures once again at great expense to eliminate this problem.  We regret any inconvenience to our valued and honest customers.

We been quite busy over the school holidays and Easter, we thank all our customers for their continued support which enables us to support our community. We hope all our customers enjoyed the Easter Celebrations with your families.

We still have a good supply of books and have decided to continue our sale, instead of being $5 a bag it is now $3 a bag until further notice, so if you are a reader get in quick.

Winter is fast approaching and we have now stocked the shop with winter clothing, there is still a small amount of summer clothing available and it will remain on the shelves until sold out.

 We had some water damage in the bad storm last month and we lost a lot of games, puzzles, bags and shoes which was a shame; but the good news is that the leaky roof has been sealed and we are now in the process of replenishing stock.

 Over the long weekends we have received many preloved goods, so there are many bargains in the shop at the present time so please come along and visit us.




Posted on | March 23, 2014 | Comments Off on EASTER

As Easter is fast approaching, we are preparing to stock the shop with our winter clothing, as it is usually at this time that we get requests for the warmer outfits for travelling south. We only have a few boxes of ladies summer clothes – shorts, tops and blouses, so if you need any of these items please come and browse soon before they are sold out.

We have been having sales on Toys and Books over the passed few months as we have been receiving  generous donations of these items.

We will be closing for the 4 days over the Easter Period, we will be closing at lunchtime on Thursday and re-open on Tuesday at 8.30am. We hope you all have a happy and safe Easter with your families and friends.

Ezy PC Sales is on the move – they are currently behind the ANZ Bank in Benabrow Ave,  but at Easter they will be moving into new premises opposite the Post Office in the major Shopping Centre. The owner Jordan has been very good to us at Busy fingers, he has not only sorted out our many computer problems in the office , but he has also supplied equipment to the associations we have supported over the year. He has some great young staff who are always helpful and friendly and certainly know how to deal with computers (often called “those foreign objects” when things don’t go the way you want them to).  So if you have any computers issues please give Jordan a call on 34089525.


Posted on | January 14, 2014 | Comments Off on NEW YEAR SALE


Due to the large influx of preloved clothing and toys, we are having a great sale at the moment.


So come and see us as soon as possible  –   the sale will remain until all excess stock is depleted.

We have had some new volunteers starting with us in the new year and we would like to thank all these people for giving us some of their valuable time. We hope you enjoy your time with us and make new friends too.

We are currently renovating the office, so the office number of 34101920 cannot be contacted at the moment. The office number is for administration purposes only,  please call the shop on 34081014

The Shop phone is 3408 1014, it is this number that must be used for any shop enquiries including opening hours, pick up of donations, deliveries and any other questions you may have.  Calls to this number cannot be transferred to the office and vice versa, so please ensure you ring the correct number at all times.

SHOP     3408 1014               OFFICE    3410 1920    EMAIL  busyfingers1@bigpond.com



Posted on | November 20, 2013 | Comments Off on VOLUNTEERS

We are in desperate need of Volunteers, we hope to expand next year and we will need more helpers at that time.  We are a happy and friendly bunch at Busy’s and all newcomers are welcome, it is a great place to make new friends while helping the Bribie Island Community. So if you can spare some time please call Sonia on 34081014 or just call into the shop and have a chat with her.


                             PRINTS AND PAINTINGS ALL HAVE A 50% DISCOUNT.

We have some very nice handbags and shoes and a new stock of summer clothing so please come and browse.


Posted on | August 29, 2013 | Comments Off on VOLUNTEERS & FASHION PARADE

Busy Fingers is in desperate need of volunteers especially men, if you have any spare time please contact Sonia on 34081014. Come along and meet new friends while helping your community.

At the moment we have a sale of Children’s Books $5 per bag.

As you may be aware the Bribie Island bridge turns 50 Years on 19th October this year, the island is planning many celebrations including a parade.  Busy Fingers will be holding a Fashion Parade at the Bribie Island Hotel in Bellara on Monday 21st October at 7 pm. We will have many garments on the catwalk which will be available for sale after the showing. There will be free lucky door prizes and also a raffle on the night. Supper will also be provided during the evening. To help us with catering if you wish to come along please advise on 34081014 or when you are in the shop please advise Sonia our manager.  This  should be a great evening please come along an enjoy an evening with us.


Posted on | August 6, 2013 | Comments Off on VOLUNTEERS

We now have enough Men working with us at the present time, but we still require more ladies, so if you have a few hours or a day to spare please come along and see Sonia our lovely manager, she will be happy to see you. We are registered with  Centrelink and their agencies,  so if you are required to do any volunteer work for them we are close at hand.

Over the past 3 weeks,  we have had sales going on prints and pictures, toys and books, and due to this sale we now have some new stock on the shelves including  new prints and pictures. We have also been given some good books that have replenished the shelves after the successful sale.

In a few weeks time we will start stocking the shelves with SUMMER CLOTHES, we will leave the winter clothes that we have available also on the shelves in case anyone is going south or overseas for a holiday. We do not have much winter stock left so if you are in need of some winter clothes we suggest you come and take a look as soon as possible.

At the moment Videos are 10 cents each.

We have plenty of other bargains available so please come in and browse.

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Busy Fingers Fundraising Inc is a not for profit charity established to support the local community.

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