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Posted on | April 26, 2014 | Comments Off on STEALING

We have had a lot of thefts over the last month, which is really devastating, because if these offenders steal from Busy’s they are virtually stealing from their own community. We have a beautiful community full of happy and helpful souls and it is a shame that we have a few bad apples on our beautiful island.  The committee has agreed that in future any offenders caught on camera will be reported to the police for prosecution, with no exceptions. We have increased our surveillance and security measures once again at great expense to eliminate this problem.  We regret any inconvenience to our valued and honest customers.

We been quite busy over the school holidays and Easter, we thank all our customers for their continued support which enables us to support our community. We hope all our customers enjoyed the Easter Celebrations with your families.

We still have a good supply of books and have decided to continue our sale, instead of being $5 a bag it is now $3 a bag until further notice, so if you are a reader get in quick.

Winter is fast approaching and we have now stocked the shop with winter clothing, there is still a small amount of summer clothing available and it will remain on the shelves until sold out.

 We had some water damage in the bad storm last month and we lost a lot of games, puzzles, bags and shoes which was a shame; but the good news is that the leaky roof has been sealed and we are now in the process of replenishing stock.

 Over the long weekends we have received many preloved goods, so there are many bargains in the shop at the present time so please come along and visit us.





Busy Fingers Fundraising Inc is a not for profit charity established to support the local community.

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